The first Buono opened its doors on Queen W. in July of 2019, but idea of Buono is something that had been with myself and my business partners for a long time. Toronto has a rich food scene, especially when it comes to Italian food, however we found that there was something missing. We were missing a spot where one could get high quality Italian food at a reasonable price. Thus Buono was born. Buono is one of many restaurant concepts owned by the CMilano Hospitality Group, our parent company. Our other brands are Stelvio Milano, Stelvio Toronto and Sottovento Luxury Hospitality.



Buono is a plate of homemade pasta in the middle of the night. Buono is the flavour of a tomato. It's the smell of basil leaves. It's the rawness of olive oil. Buono is an espresso at the end of a meal. Buono is cooking with lifelong friends. Buono is a long standing tradition in a brief lunch. Buono is grandma's recipe made by the grandchildren. Buono is staying together for a while. Buono is the taste of home.

Buono is simple. It's authentic. It's smart. It's Italian.  


Our manifesto speaks to the identity, values and guiding principles behind our beloved Buono. We are a company deeply rooted in tradition, uncompromising when it comes to the quality of the food we serve, we are nostalgic about our roots which is why we have chosen to bring a piece of our home to Toronto. Our very first location opened at Queen & Spadina in July of 2019, we opened Buono College in July of 2020 and finally Buono Roncy in March of 2021. The next Buono location? Who knows, but we will certainly have fun searching for it. 


Anna Erba,

CEO, CMilano Hospitality Group