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Learn to make Strozzapreti! Join our Executive Chef for an interactive evening spent learning to make this very unique pasta. 

Strozzapreti literally translates to “priest choker”, or “priest strangler”. How the name originated is widely debated, one story being that glutenous priests ate so quickly that they choked themselves. Another theory is that a homemaker was in such a rage when making pasta that she choked the pasta dough when making it. Wherever the name came from, we are thrilled to teach you how to re-create this unique dish in the comfort of your own home.


1. Foundations of pasta making. 🍝

Learn how to prepare the base recipe of strozzapreti by mixing flour and water and kneading the dough to reach optimal consistency.

2. Take your pasta home. 🛍️

What you make, you get to take home. As well, we will have some extra chef-made pasta on hand to give you as an additional little treat.

3. Sip while you learn. 🥂

We will have prosecco, wine and cocktails or pops ready for you to enjoy while you learn.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 25th @ 6.30pm
WHERE: BUONO RONCY - 413 Roncesvalles Ave. 
PRICE: $65/ per person + HST
WHAT'S INCLUDED: Pasta to take home & private lesson with our Executive Chef.